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11-14-2012, 06:38 PM
My patch notes for the afternoon of 11/13/12:

Subscription: Canceled (Gold subscriber since day 1 of Launch, 33+ months)

Adjusted Perfect World revenues as follows:

Pre-Nerf - $15 US Dollars per month paid by me
Now - $ 0 US Dollars per month paid by me

Purchases: In the past, I had made numerous purchases of Cryptic Points
(and it's unholy cousin Zen points).

We have taken a look at the data and decided to reduce this
number as follows:

$ 0 US Dollars will be spent on Zen points

Playing: I have played Star Trek Online almost daily with some breaks
in my play schedule, but I have been a subscriber UNINTERRUPTED
since Day One of launch on February 2010.

We have taken a look at the data (state of the game, attitude of
developers and management) and factored in the money grabs
and greed that has crept into the game and made the following

I will no longer play the game. I will no longer support the game.

No further updates are planned.
No Star Trek Series went past Season 7.

Will Star Trek Online survive Season 7?