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Set 3-Piece power provides Shield and Hull DR up 100% with no diminishing returns scaling on your Aux setting.

Aux DHC's run entirely off of Aux Power Setting and are [Acc]x2 [Dmg], decent, but not brain-breaking mods.

The Vesta gets to fly around with its healing, primary weapons, and hangar cranked up to 11 with minimal reason to change power settings on the fly. You put a Sci in it and you mega debuffing all the time with the option of really going nuts with pet spam and still reasonable firepower. Put a Tac in it and you get your healing available at full power while still belting out significant damage and crippling debuffs. All this without getting into whatever kind of weirdness one can pull with double Aux2Bat. Maybe being able to perma VM a target while dumping out 4 Particle Console Tac Buffed buffed Eject Warp Plasma 1's with Runabout support?

Fun times, indeed. It's not invincible, but as Fed Ships go, it's gonna have more ways to come at you sideways than just about anything out there.
So far the only real weakness I've noticed is that it suffers from bleed. Amazing timing on the release of that Steamie console, then!

vids and guides and stuff

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