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Originally Posted by zulisvel View Post
I have two questions for any Cryptic Devs that are still reading:

1) Think of your favorite episodes across all the shows and movies. Does STO actually represent them?

2) Have you played your own game recently, with the same constraints a non-Dev has to, and still found it fun to play?

Because as a fan of Star Trek, who came to STO for his prime universe Star Trek fix, these days I can't really answer yes to either question. In fact I feel like this entire blog (even after the updates) is a giant middle finger to all players, especially casuals and alcoholics.

Playing the game that offers rewards for everything allowing me to play the way I want to is fun. Being repeatedly funneled through a limited number of activities that the Devs tell me I need to play for my rewards is not fun. And if I'm not having fun I'm not going to be opening my wallet and pulling out my credit card. I love Star Trek, but I also like Star Wars, and lately I've been enjoying TOR a whole lot more than STO. With TOR's Cartel Market going live tomorrow guess where the $50 I was considering spending on the Vesta pack is going to be going?

Devs, you say making certain types of content isn't worthwhile because not enough people play it. Well here's a thought. We have a refining cap in place, why not attach dilitium to everything: STFs, story missions (and replays), PVP, the foundry, dailys, fleet actions, exploration clusters, events, everything. Without trying to funnel players through specific content, remove the ropes and let the players go where they want and have fun. Look at the numbers of what the people playing your game actually do when free of constraint and allocate your development resources based on that.

I don't see why I should be forced to play game modes I don't enjoy, simply because the developers have decided that they are the only modes that will give the rewards needed to progress all the new features. The players can only refine 8000 Dilithium a day anyway (10,000 for vets, but still), so why does it matter how we get it? If I want to replay some story missions, do some exploring, and maybe do a couple of First Contact missions, why should I be punished because my limited playtime wasn't taken up with STFs and Fleet Actions?

This character is why I don't play my Romulan any more. Tovan Khev is NOT my BFF! Get him off my bridge!