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The D'Deridex (now to be called the Big D for short - Stole the nickname from Armada II Fleet Ops) can be a MAJOR pain in the bum early on. Afterward, though, once you get the hang of it, they're weak sauce. The Big D has 3 big abilities. It has a Tractor beam, a Torpedo Spread, and the ability to fire three Heavy Plasma Torpedoes.

The Tractor beam is easy. Tractor beams (excluding Tractor Beam Turrets in The Vault) have a max range of 5km. Stay out of that range, and you have no worries. However, failing that, the Science BOff Power "Polarize Hull" is designed to resist Tractor beams. This power is only an issue when it uses its other two abilities alongside it.

The Torpedo Spread fires a lot of normal torpedoes. They explode in an AoE around you. If your shields are up on the facing the Big D is toward, it's no worries. Torpedo spreads are crap against shields. Hull is another matter. So, try to have your shields up when they hit. Failing that, Brace For Impact and hull heals after the fact should mitigate most of the damage (if they're Plasma torpedoes, the Science BOff skill "Hazard Emitters" will clear the DoT - It's also a decent hull heal-over-time).

The third and by FAR the most deadly is its Heavy Plasma Torpedo Volley. The Big D will fire three Heavy Plasma Torpedoes, similar to what Torpedo High Yield does to normal torpedoes. Each hits for a solid 10-15 thousand damage, and almost always apply the hull DoT. However, this is also the easiest to counter. When these fire, activate the Tactical BOff ability "Beam: Fire at Will." This is Torpedo Spread for beams. It will fire your beams faster, but will also target other enemies within range. Since Heavy Plasma Torpedoes can be shot at and destroyed before impact, using this ability will cause your beams to target the torpedoes automatically. The destruction-before-impact rate (for me) is about 90%. Failing that, take the tips for the Torpedo Spread and pray you live to heal yourself.
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