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11-14-2012, 07:18 PM
I log into the game. It gets to the SF logo screen. Crash to desktop. Then the submit error ticket thing pops up, verify all files is either broken or not helping.

It is definitely rooted in S7, because I haven't been able to use Tribble for a while ever since S7 stuff got put on it. And now, after S7, Holodeck is affected exactly the same.

Cryptic, the unmovable entity, actually gave way just a little to the playerbase with the return of (a little) dilithium to STFs. So why don't they listen to those who can't even play the game (which renders any change inert)? Cryptic, why don't you at least acknowledge that something is not working as intended? Pretending you don't see the million and one threads about this is not how to gain favor, and it is not how you help the game in any way.

Even if some dev just comes out in one of these threads and says "Yeah, we know something isn't right" would be much appreciated.
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