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11-14-2012, 08:39 PM

I'm pretty new to STO. That being said, I am level 50 and have the Odyssey pack (god the thing is SLOW, but it can take a beating!)

There's quite a bit I'm not sure about in STO. Mostly the end game stuff and how to play "optimally".

I do, however, find the game fun, and am willing to learn. I'm looking for a group who does causual running of STF's and other things at all hours.

I don't really care to get top of the line stuff (it would be nice, but I just like having fun) - I prefer helping out.

That, however, is part of the issue. I have a small child, and a job and other things. I'm usually on in the evenings (EST... from 10pm until 2-3am?) and can spend time on weekends as well. I'm looking for a group who doesn't mind me dropping in and will ask me to help out with stuff. As I said, I'm not looking for gear, just looking for a group that does stuff

I used to run one of the best small-man Linkshell's on FFXI. I'm used to working well, and getting stuff done, and helping build up a station sounds like a lot of fun, and finding a group that has fun, is the most important to me.

You guys sound like the right group. I'm going to try and message someone in game.... hopefully I do it right (I've been playing solo... haven't figured out the chat commands yet >< )