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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
I think the majority complaining forgot that the marketing department is aiming to attract new players who are traditionally teenage boys. This IS a business even tho F2P.
That is most likely the target demographic, and a marketing fail by PWE.
Lets assume two thirteen year old boys are hanging out on a friday night, and bored, so they surf the web.
1. They see HAWGT trek toon.Giggle, and download game.
2. Make 1st toon.First hour spent laughing like Bevis and Buthead as they play with the bust slide.
3.Two hours spent laughing as they do it with their Boffs.
4.Joke gets stale,resume surfing the web.
5. Find a game where avatars, and NPCs, can run around in their underwear, or (gasp) a pixelated streak.Resume laughing like Bevis and Buthead.
6. Uninstall STO, and upload latest chucklefest.
7.Cost to boys-0
Profit for PWE-0
Sorry, most players are true Trek fans, and alot more cerebral than PWE gives us credit for.
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