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Originally Posted by crioijouls View Post
I'll repost a suggestion I made earlier.

I recall the statement made in the discussion about dilithium about concerns over players 'not refining enough dilithium ore', and that got me thinking...

To make it more accessible to players, why not further increase the rewards given, particularly with the dilithium costs associated with the fleet starbase/embassy projects (especially the special projects, that eat up 200,000 dilithium) and the higher tier reputation projects (requisitions and unlocks). Here's what I'd like to propose:

1. Leave the Fleet Action dilithium rewards and cooldowns where they are right now.

Fleet Actions = 1,440 dilithium.
Cooldown = 30 minutes

2. STFs, which require serious amounts of teamwork just to complete and also achieve the optional objectives deserve large dilithium rewards for those who run them. Bump up the rewards for them to reflect the skill needed and reduce the cooldown for these missions by half.

Normal STFs = 720 dilithium.
Bonus objective = 10% bonus to dilthium and Omega Marks
Base Omega Marks stay the same.
Cooldown = 30 minutes

Elite STFs = 1,440 dilithium
Bonus objective = 25% bonus to dilithium and Omega Marks
Base Omega Marks stay the same
Borg Neural Processors stay the same.
Cooldown = 30 minutes
this would be perfect.