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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
I opened a ticket about this today, but I now figure it would probably be quicker to get a reply here in the forums. I have a few questions.

1. Does Cryptic consider people who AFKer and or feed in Public PvP queues to be griefers?
Considering it's helping killing off PvP, they probably consider the greifers to be their champions.

Yes I know that's rather an unfair thing to say, but it's been almost three years guys. Three years.

Please, just throw us a bone, even a bone that's been pre-chewed by an eppoh.

2. If yes, can we expect any action to be taken against those who grief public PvP queues up to and including bans?
I've actually personally reported two people who griefed in Pvp (one called Kodim who would AFK in every match and Attack0 who had to fly his damned shuttle). To a certain extent it's a good thing they don't ban based on players reporting them, given how many of us have been reported for cheating (read: player can't believe someone is that good).
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