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Originally Posted by destroshade View Post
The key lesson everyone should take from this is, without Cryptic/PWE we would not have STO, BUT, but without US there is no STO either.

Before MAJOR changes occur that could impact core gameplay that addicts like myself (hardcore elite player) depend on for happy happy fun times, you know what I would like to see happen?


Lots of surveys. For instance if you took 50 players and asked them "hey how would you feel if you lost dil from a bunch of stuff, and yet more stuff cost dil? would you keep playing that content? would you play other stuff?" This whole entire mess could have been avoided entirely.

I'm sure you can read between the lines for this, you have devs and designers who build the game, come up with content, come up with concepts. But you are forgetting your BEST resource. The players. For a lot of us, we live, breathe, sleep and think Star Trek.

Finally I just want to say thank you for ignoring (hopefully) the MASSIVE nerdrage you guys were subjected to, thanks for the changes, I don't mind a minor reduction in dil from elites, that's fine, it was one of my suggestions, to spread things out a little bit.

Now I will be happy to do my normal grind, collecting borg processors and stuff along with my dil. I can survive not getting bonus loot. If I offended anyone with any of my posts earlier today I apologize, but you know about people and their opinions....

What is the point of surveys if they don't listen to player feedback in the first place until everybody gets pissed? Isn't that the reason why Dstahl created this thread to announce a half-assed reversal on some Dilithium changes?
However, our concern that there would be too much Dilithium in the economy if we left Dilithium in both STFs and Fleet Actions has been outweighed by the frustration we've seen from STF fans since the launch of Season 7.
Since season 7 hit the Tribble server people have been complaining about the reduced Dilithium rewards in STFs. Then when season 7 launches the Dilithium rewards in STFs are completely gone after it was already announced, and promised, they would still be there with the amounts as it were on the test server. And people have also been upset about the General Recruitment/Reassign Underperforming doff assignments at the academy costing Dilithium and/or having their costs increased.
I use to be with it. But I don't remember what "it" was. Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me.