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11-14-2012, 08:55 PM
Originally Posted by monkeybone13 View Post
What is the point of surveys if they don't listen to player feedback in the first place until everybody gets pissed? Isn't that the reason why Dstahl created this thread to announce a half-assed reversal on some Dilithium changes?

Since season 7 hit the Tribble server people have been complaining about the reduced Dilithium rewards in STFs. Then when season 7 launches the Dilithium rewards in STFs are completely gone after it was already announced, and promised, they would still be there with the amounts as it were on the test server. And people have also been upset about the General Recruitment/Reassign Underperforming doff assignments at the academy costing Dilithium and/or having their costs increased.
My point was, maybe they should listen to the player base more? To prevent blow ups, to prevent devs from looking like asses by having to reverse a decision.

I'm a lifetime subscriber, plus I buy stuff from the z-store, I like to think the game I support takes my opinions into account, doesn't everyone feel they should have a say? Of course they do.

Every single person on this planet is opinionated in one form or another.

Elite stf's are like crack, and what happens with you take an addicts crack away from him? You get the friggin bull that's what you get. Change needs to be gradual, not abrupt ugly and painful. You'd be surprised what a person can handle when the change comes slowly enough that you don't really notice it.

Look at me giving them ideas... uh oh...