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im makeing this thread as a dedication for just a very simple but morally needed action.

A Thank you to Dstahl ( and possibly any other cryptic dude that shared in this bad event ) for listening reading and takeing action.
i must personally say i take back 50% of all ive said in the past days and an i do apologise.
but i do felt the situation did need some harsh words and drastic measures. ( i do not regret that part )

As an Elite Stf fan and player Thank you for listening and giving back our joy in the game.
our channel we had was empty hardly people playing now its starting to kick back to life.
small buds of players are returning and playing.

Thank you season 7 when i first saw it all i could see was "how the *** am i going to be able to do anything with no dilithium to pay the rent of starbases and equipment and consumables"
i could honestly not even play the game.

now when the economy is going back i feel much more motivateing to get back on track and possible open new ways to explore this season.

so yes thank you for listening and acting correctly.
i just thought that maybe there is others who wishes to say the same to you and the developers team. and thus i made this thread so maybe they will drop by and tell you their words.

anyways i spoken to much and to often for this year thanks and hopefully we all get a happy ending.

season 7 now that economy is back in place and working might just be the best one you guys made

/ with best regards ghosty
If only they fix Cloaking bugg *new message BOOM decloacked.