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# 180 Thank you Dev team
11-14-2012, 09:14 PM
From Icarus Elite

We as a fleet thank you the dev team for listening and making this right for the player base, We understand needing to make the game work with in the field of the economy, but as you stated fun is more value to the economy then anger. As Leader of Icarus Elite I speak for my fleet here and im proud to be able to say Icarus Elite and our group in game will not be leaving as you proved you do listen to the player base, no other MMO out there would do this.

Now from me personally,

I believe if you had asked us the players more directly about our thoughts on a change this massive we could have expressed better our thought's, Thank you from me a 1,000+ day player I was so close to leaving the game but my faith has been restored.

R'C Icarus Commander,
IcarusElite.Org @rf93

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