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11-14-2012, 08:25 PM
Thanks for taking feedback into consideration so quickly. It an unusual thing for an MMO to do.

This is my second post in 4 months of playing and both have been related to these changes. These are simply my extended thoughts after checking out the new content and balancing my opinion of that against the dilithium changes.

I really hope you're considering other feedback on the one-click style of dil income. At least up dil rewards for doff missions on crit successes, accolades, and/or some other on-the-fly, but do it every day kind of thing.

I can understand a push may be needed time to time to help generate real-world income in a partially f2p game, but taking what has already been given to players is often followed by discontinued accounts. Might be small numbers at first, but you folks have been in games as players and devs long enough to know how that trickle-effect works. Once their friends start telling them how great this new game is, they'll eventually follow, and the new replaces the old.

I like STO a great deal. I don't play STF's much and DOff's are a good deal of the game to me due to the complexity of doing it well. I'm staying on as f2p, but I am letting my subscription lapse next month. I've experienced a moderte amount of new content and thus far, with the removal of the one-clicks and the loss of 15,000 Dil per day in 15 minutes, I no longer feel that I'm getting the same value for my dollar. The amount of time and zen(including real-world currency spent to buy some of that zen) I spent to buy the additional character slots for the purpose of long-term infrastructural investment, are wasted. That hurts.

The only way to satisfy game players is by increased reward, not less. Each new game offers new rewards the first time you play it, after you've had them all, or at least the ones you want, it's time for new rewards from somewhere else...unless, the game you are playing constantly provides that. You folks have kind of done the opposite to an extent. While offering new rewards, the time required to obtain dil is largely increased overall and the rewards you are offering require that very dil. Not only is the time requirement increased but a highly popular and fully-permitted-at-the-time method of quick acquisition (the one worthwhile gimme on dil), has been taken away. (I may eat my words depending how you resolve the foundry requirements, but most of this feedback is based on that i hope you consider it along with others)

The new STF's are fun, and feel more properly aligned as far as balancing among players in the events. New Romulus looks great, but it feels no different than several WoW expansions over the years. It's 3rd grade stuff. No challenge, but to help my fleet, I'll do whats needed there. Great job of the gfx and sounds, but the content related to the camp and reputation is poorly done and not any kind of new in it's style or basic design. Happy to have the new doff missions as well.

I'll likely stay f2p until I feel like I've gotten that moneys worth back, will will largely be based on how long it takes to acquire the ships and equipment i was working the Dil to purchase. Granted, the stipend for gold membership would help along the way, but It would be in conflict with making a statement I'm willing to stand behind.