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11-14-2012, 08:26 PM
Mr. Stahl and devs,

I am more than reasonably certain if you guys followed the suggestion I put up about fleet action and STF rewards, you'd have a very happy bunch of players. That goes in addition to keeping the drop loot from the fleet actions. My only regret is not posting that sooner. I respectfully ask that you seriously consider my solution, especially as it was offered without comments to fuel the "nerd-rage" that exploded earlier on the forums.

That suggestion again is this, in a nutshell:

Fleet Actions = 1,440 dilithium.
Cooldown = 30 minutes

Normal STFs = 720 dilithium.
Bonus objective = 10% bonus to dilthium and Omega Marks
Base Omega Marks stay the same.
Cooldown = 30 minutes

Elite STFs = 1,440 dilithium
Bonus objective = 25% bonus to dilithium and Omega Marks
Base Omega Marks stay the same
Borg Neural Processors stay the same.
Cooldown = 30 minutes


Since those of us who haven't gotten the high-end STF gear will be going gung-ho in the Omega rep system to get that, and quite possibly the most popular way to do that would be getting friends together to do STF runs, this proposal makes alot of sense.

Granted, the Fleet Actions can likewise be run fairly quickly and also be very player-profitable, which equals to a happy player. This, in turn, will help said player progress further in game content and be able to help support the rep system and his/her fleet with the starbase and/or embassy projects. More dilithium available, as my proposal indicated, means happier players and help for especially small fleets who want to level up their starbase/embassy without it taking a ridiculously long time.

This would also make it more likely that players will trade in any excess dilithium they may have after the above-mentioned projects in order to get Zen for purchases in the C-Store.

I ask you. (not to sound Vulcan) Isn't that a logical solution?

On another topic, I do appreciate having another adventure zone, and being able to experience a new level of story content. Personally, I love a good story, and being able to see it come about here makes me happy. It also helps to answer questions I had since the cataclysm referred to in Star Trek (2009) about whether any of the Romulan dissidents (underground / reunificationists) had survived to continue on their peaceful course.

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