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Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
EXCELLENT decision (IMO)

And BTW as far as Dilithium infusion into the economy - you were the one who put in the 8000 refinement cap to keep the Dilithium economy from spiraling out of hand.

I will say again, the fact you stated in the blog that Level 50 players on average were way below that cap on a daily basis and you wanted to increase the average seems to be contradicted by the concern you had in this latest post. Either you need a better proofreader, or you were not being honest about your dilithium goals for S7 you stated in Blog #17 as part of your justification for your original Dilithium changes that you are now (thankfully) reverting to a fair degree.

Still thanks for bowing to all the Feedback in game and on these Forums.
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post

After many hours of deliberation and review of the post Season 7 player data, I've made the call to reverse the decision to remove Dilithium as a reward for running STFs. In addition, we've also decided to keep Dilithium as a reward in Fleet Actions.

There have been numerous posts explaining the rationale that went into the reward changes and I can clearly state that our goal of getting more Dilithium into the average player has been very successful. As the data suggested, there is a huge contingent of players that simply do not play STFs but are eager to earn Dilithium in other content. These players are benefiting from the addition of Dilithium in the Fleet Actions, so that worked well.
Well, I am glad they listened to the players, and I am thankful they changed course.

I just wished they didn't add the spin.

I would rather just hear the truth, which is that season seven's premiere was not successful. You can tell by how easy it was to access the server on day one. When season six made its premiere, the servers were virtually impossible to enter.

It stinks to say this, but I think they lost players.

I don't know how many KDF characters exist, but the population in the fleet action and stf queues is nonexistent. KDF is a virtual ghost town. As a result of starting my first KDF character, I have been too busy with the faction to notice the Fed side.

I wonder if the long grinds to build fleetbases have caused people to walk away.

Thank you Cryptic for changing your mind.

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