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11-14-2012, 09:58 PM
Originally Posted by orondis View Post
Considering it's helping killing off PvP, they probably consider the greifers to be their champions.

Yes I know that's rather an unfair thing to say, but it's been almost three years guys. Three years.

Please, just throw us a bone, even a bone that's been pre-chewed by an eppoh.

I've actually personally reported two people who griefed in Pvp (one called ***** who would AFK in every match and ******* who had to fly his damned shuttle). To a certain extent it's a good thing they don't ban based on players reporting them, given how many of us have been reported for cheating (read: player can't believe someone is that good).
I would recommend that you edit out those two names. Calling out people on the forums, even worthless griefers, isn't really allowed.