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Originally Posted by monkeybone13 View Post
It makes me wonder what extreme lengths Cryptic/PWE will go to in order to manipulate the players into doing what they want.
After going through the long grind of season six, I have barely touched anything from season seven. I don't know. Cryptic has nerfed and tweaked this game to such of an extent, and all that messing around has caused me to pause. I don't know if I want to invest into a game in which keeps getting nerfed. If I am investing money into the system, I want some type of no nerf guarantee. Why play a game in which the goal post keeps getting moved? I am still waiting for those overly powerful advanced and fleet weapons.

Season six's fleetbases have burnt me out, and Season Seven's changes have cause me to slowly put on the breaks. Truthfully, I think I am in the process of a complete stop.

I feel like the majority have left "Star Trek: Online", and I am the only sap that is staying around.

I keep praying that they lower the starbase requirements, for everyone has joined the tier four and five fleets. Small and casual fleets don't have a chance at recruiting enough people.

I don't think Cryptic is done nerfing rewards, ground equipment, ship equipment, and ships.

I no longer trust Cryptic to make the right decisions.

I just want to have fun.

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