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11-14-2012, 09:14 PM
I would like to point out the very first episode of TOS has a female first officer and all the female crew members wears the same thing as the male. However, CBS rejected it saying they need some sex appeal and a woman as a first officer is not realistic.

What bugs me is that her uniform is not in game. There is something similar but not exactly.
Her rank pins as well, is not in game.

That is just a bit of false advertising.

Also, have anyone mentioned this picture of Klingon lady vs Vulcan lady?
I like this more than the current art.

The current art is weirdly staring into the audience, not to mention the stance is odd.
Aim where you are shooting lady!
The cleavage thing is alright, it can be a bit less cleavage-y.
The skirt bothers me slightly just because of the battle situation. While in the captain's chair, sure dress however you like, but when you are in a battle...

What you wear isn't what defines you, but when it comes to a single piece of art work with no actual character attached to it, then it can bring a wrong message. Look at the Orion females, you'd think they are mostly slave girls or eye candy given no context at all, but when you dive into the story, they are in charge of the men in the Orion society. They only pretends to be slaves to control enemies after they mesmerize them. This is from an ENT episode.
Context means everything!!! So in the case of the phaser lady, there is no context to introduce her so anyone can give her any image they want. So far as I can tell, people have been giving her the context of being a sexist marketing ploy.

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