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11-14-2012, 09:51 PM
Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
Awwww isnt this nice, finally a thread the feels like a warm fuzzy hug.

If only the community would pick up the pick forks and torches and go on a rampage about the lack KDF content/ships... then again good things come to those who wait and S8 might be the KDFs golden season
I've been waiting 3 years for that and to fight in the war the was proclaimed on the original site. Still no war and talks of a 3rd faction when the 2nd faction isn't even ironed out. Did i mention i'm still waiting to fight in this war? A physical zone. Only pathetic attempts thru a que system have been made. I could of cared less about the romulus zone and rep system. An actual PVP zone and equalization of the 2 factions would bring in the money they are looking for. But hey once again lets put things that we don't need and take away the resources we need to get it instead of working on the things that have plaqued this game since launch.