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Originally Posted by docroadie69 View Post
I agree. On one aspect I am happy that they put dilithium back. But that's not good enough in my book. Elite STF dilithium has gone from 1400, 1100, to now 960 (after going to zero).

Dan, Please explain the mega price hike amount for DOFF's exchange. Sure I might agree they were 'under valued' but to go from 100 dilithium to 5000-6000 is again absurd considering you just said we average 3,100 in dilithium. Also Dan, I went to exchange because I (and many others) thought the C-store duty packs were over priced and never gave anything good.

Dan, please explain why you took STF loot away but yet you increased it in fleet actions.

Dan, please explain why items requiring dilithium are expensive.
Dan, please explain why Fleet actions were nerfed to a laughable 460-640 now. What happened to wanting to lure us back into fleets actions??
Dan, please explain why borg gear is purchased using dilithium instead of just plain omega marks--like before S7 you used Salvage, EDC's, and Proto tech to trade in.
Dan, please explain why crafting used to be fun until you added dilithium.

Dan, please explain why there still is a dilithium vacuum cleaner in the Omega, Romulan, Embassy, & everyone's favorite Starbase projects when we're averaging 3,100??

Cutting tier 4 (by 10%) & Tier 5 (by 20%) is a slap in the face. How about cutting all dilithium projects (including limited time ones) by 50%?? After all, you just said the 'average' dilithium is 3100 (less than half of the max 8,000) so why not adjust the Starbase dilithium requirements for the 'low income' peeps??

Dan, please explain how exactly you came up with the player average of refining dilithium is only 3100. What parameters he exactly used. Did he use just feds only? All players? Paid players only?
Did you use a player (like myself) who has 5 toons with only 4 of them averaging about 1880 dilithium a day and the main one does 8,000 max?? If we take 1880*4 + 8000 and average it--it comes out to 3100 vs account wide--I average 15000 a day with all 5 toons.

I'm a numbers guy "Dan".. Just show us the formula, criteria, and the results.. I don't think that is too hard to do..Is it??

FYI 'Dan' --It's 9,000 every 3 days. Not to seem like it's 9,000 daily like your post suggests.
And technically 'Dan' it should be 9,000 everyday automatically without having to run it through a stupid DOFF assignment..
Here here. But we've made at least a BIT of headway. That outcry does mean SOMETHING changed even if it's not a full restoration. I personally just didnt want my efforts being for nothing. Being an STF specialist that basically is what it boiled down to for me. Do like anything that's happened? Hell no. I still see NO apology by the devs, and i see nothing suggesting they'll listen in the future.

The 3.5 hour declaration is insane. And even if true (i guarntee you for me it usually isnt and i've got a fleet defiant) doesnt mean a player wants to spend ALL of that time Grinding out dilithium. Grind =/= fun.

The playerbase was lied to, there has been no apology, and he hopes to sweep this under the rug like Barrack Obama is trying to sweep Benghazi under the rug. (Incase you're not following 3 navy seals and 1 US ambassador died via terrorist attack on 9/11/2012. It is unknown if the president knew but he sure has hell made every attempt to obfuscate the issue. Very simular to the tactics the dev team employed here.)

The playerbase MUST continue to hold the dev's feet to the fire if we're to get solutions to a number of problems that still remain. I for one Intend to.