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11-14-2012, 10:09 PM
I'm glad the decision was recended.

But Stahl, I personally wish you restore the Dilithium amount entirely, because there is no longer any EDC or Salvage to convert to Dilithium like before. Instead we got 5 BNPs conversion for 1000 Dilithium, which most are going to save for a while. So there isn't going to be mass savings.

At least add that difference in the options, to encourage people to do them. As well making Ground STFs have a little more Dilitihium (since they are longer and require more teamwork).

As for the STF DL vs the FA DL, make them the same so players have an option to do either content. Because players having the freedome to choose how they earn Dilithium is better for them than those players who are force into content.