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11-14-2012, 10:26 PM
Shuttle Bay Map in the Embassy is outlined in white as if it is unfinished.

Tholian Red Alerts dont work properly(Warp In. Immediate involuntary warp out.)

Sometimes the game bugs out and wont allow you to transition anywhere.

Brightness is broken. Is stuck at previous brightness pre-Season7.

(I tried to turn the brightness up since I couldnt see properly in some areas. Clicking and dragging the slider brightened the screen. Once I let go it went right back to the previous setting in this case 100%. The kicker is that the slider still said 1.35 or 135%. Yet the brightness was the same as before.)

Also unable to set resolution at 1920 x 1080 @ 60hz. Stuck at 59hz. However I can manually set the rate at 60hz.. So I have no idea why I even have two options for the hz.

Klingon Scout Force Action: Unable to get map name from map manager.

Edit: The Autofire not working sounds like its something to do with Tray #4. Move the weapons onto tray 3, right click to turn on Autofire is what I hear is the work around at the moment. You can move the weapons off the tray after that.

I havent encountered the bug personally since I've yet to touch my weapons since season 7 hit.

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