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STF's being the only endgame content? No. Are fleet actions buggy? yes. Are fleet actions raw dps races with nothing but rewards for Tactical Captains with the most twinked builds? For the moment they are.
As far as I could tell, the dilithium reward is guaranteed in FA (but i rarely go below 2nd place so I don't know for certain). The real problem for FA runners is how likely you could get a good EC loot. I'll take dil anytime over EC. There are just many ways to get around that and obtain that missing EC.

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As someone who has flown a TON of STF's same as you. I like them over the fleet actions due to the bugs and a number of other issues. Do i like the situation not by any means. But at least there's the potential of a starting point here.
I do agree there are bugs in FA but it is the same with STF. Actually I would bet there are more bugs and other issues in STF than in FA: the two most aggravating being AFKers and queuing up and finding yourself in a finished STF with 1hr cool down hehehehe. I have not encountered problems this exasperating in FA before.

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I think we have to accept the possbility that we wont be able to get the normal dilithium production back in full. For whatever reason (money) Cryptic seems dead set on that. The question will be the long term effects and if people will stick around to see them or not.
Agreed. But I still feel like they're making things harder. If the reputation system doesn't require that many marks to complete projects, I would have preferred things remained the way they were on patch Tuesday.

Edit: Simply because we had a decent dil production potential with FA before the new proposed changes, but they have been significantly NERFED.
STO is the BEST game ever and the players absolutely LOVE it.

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