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11-14-2012, 11:41 PM
I will not thank you, it should NOT of happened in the first place. I mean seriously to add a system that requires the same resource as another system? One system WILL suffer over the other one. And then to reduce and/or remove the resource to do it? Why couldn't i have spent EC's to improve my reputation instead of dilithium? You already have one system that sucks it up. Why have 2 when you have a cap on dilithium? I was expecting a whole new system for the rep not one that was already in place using most of the same resources(fleet). Doesn't even feel nor sound like a reputation system if you ask me. Kinda feels like my character has been turned in a cyborg that can only process so much information in a certain amount of time lol. Why would i want to level my character the same way i level my fleet? Too monotonous.

I will thank you when you pull your heads out of your asses and actually fix the things that need to be fixed and equalize the factions so that a 3rd faction can be put in. I mean with adding new romulus the only logical conclusion is to add them as a playable faction. All this new stuff is fine and dandy, but when you don't address the issues that have plaqued this game since launch, you don't accomplish anything. You only compound the problem until it becomes unfixable.


Equalize Klingon faction with fed.


PvP zone. Done right this alone could make the money you are looking for plus some.


Romulons as a playable faction equalized with fed and klingon BEFORE release. Or you could roll with the story this instance an underdeveloped faction would be appropriate. After all they are rebuilding...

If those aren't in your top priorites, then i am officially done with your game. For 3 years you have limped along, lieing, deceiving and insulting your players. Launching with an underdeveloped game with premium pricing. Now we are f2p and still no closer to achieving anything but constant reworks of stuff that is already in the game. Make STO what it was ment to be, not what your team thinks it should be or how we should play it.

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