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Originally Posted by encadi View Post
First of all i would like to thank you for your amazing and veryd etailed explanation it has helped me inmensely.

I use the Heavy Escort because i kidna liked the mixture of very nice dps and fast escort combat and adding some fighters hehe but i have grown wanting to try cruiser combat again.

I guess ill go and buy the 3 pack like you recomended me.

As for energy type i was using the dual heavy antiproton cannons so i guess ill stick with antiproton sicne they look red and nice, however im not sure if theya re the right energy choice anymore, i rememebr them being classified as best dps before.

The boff setup the acronyms are still a bit of a mystery to me but ill try to make sence of them hehe, guess the break makes me feel very newbish again hehe.

MACO stuff is gotten now at later tiers of the new reputaitons right?

Also a bit about fleet issues, I guess this ship is not made obsolete by the enw fleet issue ships introduced in the last season?

Also i have managed to get around 50,000 fleet credits which i gues sis not much/enough by any margin but what would you spend them first on? Weapons?

Thank you again for all the help guys!
Here's the general breakdown:
Oddy 3 pack is ONLY if money is no object. If money however is something you need to pay attention to, then I actually would not recommend the Oddy. If you have money issues, I would actually recommend the Regent. It's the Assault Cruiser variant, but due to it's Universal BOff slots, it's got some good possibilities. And it's a nice looking ship.

As for Acronyms, I'll type in BOff slots again, only fully this time:

Lt Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1
LtCmdr Tactical: Torpedo Spread 1, Beam Fire At Will 2, Attack Pattern Delta 2
Cmdr Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields 1/Emergency Power to Weapons 1, Emergency Power to Shields 2/Emergency Power to Weapons 2, Engineering Team 3/Reverse Shield Polarity 2, Auxiliary to the Structural Integrity Field 3
Lt Sci: Transfer Shield Strength 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Ensign Sci: Hazard Emitters 1

Also another pointer:
If you are going to use Anti-Proton, I wish you luck finding the weapons, since they are not cheap at all (last I checked was 1 mil per BA, but that was a while ago) -.-

And the mag regulators (AP damage boosters) run around 800k on the exchange (atm).

As for the best DPS claim, that comes from the natural 20% crit severity, so they have high damage potential, but no actual proc.

MACO is available in the higher tiers of the rep system, but if you're from S6, you should already have at least a mk XI set, but if not, then I would recommend using either A) Jem'Hadar set (not as powerful at all, but a good intermediate set), or B) Aegis Set (another good intermediate set, since it can carry you to the STF elite sets). Or you can do what I did before I got any of that, and make a mix and match of mk XII shields, deflectors, and engines. If you do that, I would recommend a resilient shield array with boosted regen and capacity, a positron deflector array with boosted structural integrity field and shield systems (adds hp to your hull and shields), and as for engines... that one is up in the air, since most of them are about the same.

And on a final note:
The oddy really isn't made obsolete by the new fleet ships, she's actually about on par with most fleet cruisers.

Comparison of Fleet Cruisers to the Odyssey:

Odyssey Tactical Cruiser:

HP: 42000
Shield Modifier: 1.15
Consoles: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 3 Science
Base Turn: 5
BOff Setup: Lt Tactical, Cmdr Engineering, Lt Science, Universal LtCmdr, Universal Ensign
+10 Power to Weapons
+5 Power to Shields
+5 Power to Auxiliary

Fleet Star Cruiser:
HP: 42900
Shield Modifier: 1.15
Consoles: 2 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 4 Science
Base Turn: 7
BOff Setup: Lt Tactical, Cmdr Engineering, LtCmdr Engineering, Lt Science, Ensign Science
+5 Power to all Subsystems

Fleet Heavy Cruiser Retrofit:
HP: 39600
Shield Modifier: 0.97 (I think that's wrong, but let's go with it for now)
Consoles: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 3 Science
Base Turn: 8
BOff Setup: Lt Tactical, Ensign Tactical, Cmdr Engineering, LtCmdr Engineering, Lt Science
+5 Power to all Subsystems

Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit:
HP: 44000
Shield Modifier: 1.15
Consoles: 2 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 3 Science
Base Turn: 6
BOff Setup: Lt Tactical, Cmdr Engineering, LtCmdr Engineering, Ensign Engineering, Lt Science
+5 Power to all Subsystems

As you can see, all the other cruisers have a higher base turn, but that's negated by the Chevron Separation Console. Starting with the Star Cruiser. More hull, equivalent shields, better turn, but not as much damage output. Heavy Cruiser has less hull, weaker shields, less damage output, but better turn rate. Exploration Cruiser has more hull, equivalent shields, but way more Engineering ability and as a result loses out on damage and a lot of utility.

So to answer your question, as you can see, the Odyssey is pretty much on par with the fleet cruisers.

As for your fleet creds? Wait til you have a tier 5 fabricator and get elite fleet weapons.
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