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11-14-2012, 11:45 PM
Yep Cryptic Dev's stated 2012 will be the year about KDF development. Instead we got a very very very grindy Starbase System and this Romulan system which based on the franchise itself unless the KDF saw a strategic importance or threat to the empire they wouldn't bother helping them the Klingons more so would kill off the romulans who betrayed them at every turn. The story behind this is same for both sides so its basically playing Federation Lore on a KDF character is all it is its not Klingon. Even if you look at it from the federation side section 31 would have made sure the romulans were on their own they just caused so much bad blood for centuries with the rest of the quadrant that nobody not even the federation would even go help them out. Spock was their last hope and he failed and that shoulda gone down with him. It would seem more plausible for both sides to be actually hunting them down and exterminating the romulans.

In 2013 you won't see any KDF ships unless they are in a lockbox or in a fleet store to be sold 1 ship per character. Also it won't be any kind of retrofit of a C-store ship because they have made it clear the discount is only for the federation so they haven't made any good will on that except collect a giant bank roll of dilithium with nothing KDF to spend it on since most KDF players already own every KDF item in the game by now. If 2012 has shown us anything is that its the end of the KDF the only plans Cryptic may have for the KDF is to throw in some kind of sink that leads no where just to say they did something. Its just like the mission alpha that was great but once people play it once there isn't any point in playing it again.

If they come out with some C-Store account wide ships for the KDF that aren't copy and paste and come up with some fleet ships that have discounts on them... I might have a little faith in them in regards to the KDF but if not you can take it to the bank theres nothing for us KDF players coming.

The Epohh thing just was a slap in the face to the KDF resorting warriors to go chase down animals to get technology they could just take if they really wanted it. The daily patrol thing it had some nice kdf twist to it but it was kinda iffy but the new romulus stuff just doesn't quite seem right in the tasks and there just is no event that leads to this event its like you go from full blown war to hey dude hows it going... you gonna help romulans chase space bunnies too?