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Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
Some cone-based targeting was changed so that it calculates from a center point rather than a specific facing. While this affected nearly every entity in the game, it only significantly impacts very large entities. A side effect of this is that there aren't as many "safe zones" from Borg Cube torpedoes.
Something more then that has changed ior at least feels to have changed. I never used safe zones and armour tank and used to have no problem in STF's. Now even with close to 70% hull resistance and more heals then before I can barely stay alive. Even as an armor tank with shields up my hull is around 20% before I know what is going off and I used to be able to armor tank without shields. (I fly a crusier which high hull hitpoints and all armor skills maxed out). 53k+ hull at well over 60% resistance should not be going down as fast as it is even with shields up. Could it be that hull resistance is not working?

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