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I took a break from my work to make an irresistible sketch.
Oh My!

If people in canon can go around naked, do we have any moral ground against a jacket with its zipper pulled down to show some cleavage that you can see on everyday television and on the streets?

When did sexism turn from not letting women vote and work on the same positions as men into sexism being Not restricting women's clothing to a very covering style? Is that not against women's rights? I'm starting to get a logical meltdown here.

I know some people are over or hypersensitive, but seriously this is ridiculous. I just advise such people to never, ever visit a beach strand, and keep their heads down on the streets because a lot of women (and men) dress way, way more revealingly then the female vulcan on the picture.

And yes, I would not mind getting Old Phaser guy back in addition to the vulcan. Why not have both?
Because it's the bloody millitry, not a beach.
Delta Rising is the best ex... oh sod it, I just want my Jupiter and Typhoon

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