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Originally Posted by drtassadar View Post
Sorry if this has been posted before, but I feel as if the completion times for the reputation projects seem a little high.

Aside from dilithium, there's no real reason for me to do STFs more than a couple times a day since each individual project takes about a day and a half to finish.

I understand the fleet projects taking a day, but for the significantly reduced costs of the personal projects, the completion time should be shorter as well. Not so low that it's easy to upgrade reputation to max in a few weeks, of course, but certainly not make it so that it takes a few years.
Well, but then again, shorter times would make people feel that they absolutely need to do nothing but feed those projects every day, putting some grinding stress on some people. As it is now, you do it every two days, and then do other stuff. This also makes you do the Omega and Romulan Marks missions less often, so that you have more variety in your gaming experience.

Which was also the idea behind "no Dilithium for STFs", I think.

Now, I don't want this to turn into the sort of thing where the players demand one thing after another and cryptic acquiesces. That's how WW2 started.
I am pretty sure Cryptic wasn't around in 1939.
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