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11-15-2012, 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
Zipping up a little was allowed when I was in the military...


The field manual stated that when wearing the combat uniform, running with an open fly was a approved way of releasing heat. (It didn't mantion anything about anything hanging out of the fly tho, but I guess use of the standard issue undies would prevent that anyway.)

When in combat, your comfort is always more important than observing the forms of decency or the dress code. Zipping down a bit is not an issue.
Ahh so the phaser Elf has just zipped up to release heat and wears a short skirt so she's always ready to do hurdling. Interesting...

I don't know about your military. But our soldiers are wearing green T-shirts under the jacket. Even if they zip up completely you will not see their cleavage - well for those who actually have a cleavage anyways