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11-15-2012, 02:19 AM
Originally Posted by vikingraider View Post
What I think they did was to allow the plasma fire to stack. I did notice this also. My odyssey used to never worry about plasma fire but yesterday and today it takes 3-5K each tick from my hull. During that time I did notice being hit by the beams does set you on fire about every other hit. Those fires are stacking.

Rodentmaster: use melee on them borg missions. you and your boffs, you will do that room in under 3 minutes no deaths...
I think it's the combination of it stacking along with the fact that your going to get hit by more weapons fire due to the new arcs (thus more stacks, more direct damage, etc).

Regardless, I like it. I have to actually pay attention now. I'd also like to say there is a whole lot of nonsensical BS being splayed out in this thread by some posters claiming doom and gloom. Especially regarding one hit kill nonsense.

Get some hull heals, make sure you have at least one copy of Hazard emitters to cleanse the dot, and play a little more defensively.