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Originally Posted by startux View Post
This is what I am quoting from Massively's interview with Stahl concerning the KDF:

"In 2013, we feel that PvE KDF experience is going to get even better with the addition of new Feature Episodes, new Adventure Zones, and more KDF specific missions. Once we feel that there are enough PvE missions for the KDF to go from level 1-50, we will open up the ability for anyone to create a Klingon as his or her first character. Looking at our development schedule for 2013, I'd say it may come a lot sooner than you'd think."

It still uncertain if this is S8, or maybe another year as its far too general for my liking with regards to levels 1-50.

I agree with the OP though, I recall watching the Star Trek Online announcement back in '08 where they stated to full factions and I agree it turned out to be PVP for the KDF at the last minute as they hadn't had the time to fix them up yet.

We shall see, but I have liked the look of S7 so far

The rest of the article is here:

Massively article
Not to mention based off this quote and the time you are referring too. Just take a look back at his statements back from last year around this time where he stated virtually the same thing and then as it hit 2012 he did a bunch of interviews stating they changed their outlook on what they wanted for the game.

So really the same thing is going to happen at turn of 2013. What will happen is this focus that is proclaimed of 2013 being about KDF as he has stated every year I've been here that the next year will be about the KDF. What will happen is they will more than likely focus the attention towards more lockboxes with a fed ship that is cloned with a kdf skin and that pvp system it'll just have pvp marks for the same gear as starbases have in a pvp store. So pretty much more of the same what has happened since summer of this year with season 6.

Besides boosting up the KDF with lower level content, kdf only end game content, the other thing I want to see that would fit with reputation systems is a story line based upon the path taken by voyager through the delta quadrant. I would expect though that the Kuvagh Magh might have mispelled group of people over those many generations most likely had built a large empire of their own in the delta quadrant where with these transwarp conduits that could be used to develope the KDF into a larger scheme of things. Where instead of dealing with issues with the fellow alpha quadrant factions they could continue their ways but expand their borders within merging the delta quadrant empire into the mix. I could definately see some KDF clashing/wars with the kazon, krennim, and that one that was against telepaths (unleash all the letheans on them LOL).