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11-15-2012, 01:42 AM
Originally Posted by stealthrider View Post
They obviously plan on monetizing bypasses to the timers. It's the only rational explanation for these pointless, disgustingly long time gates.

They should have never added such a retarded system to the game. Whoever had this idea needs to be fired immediately.
They've added boosters to XP, Skill points, CXP, Fleet marks I'm kinda shocked they haven't added a booster to decrease the cool down of a project.

Maybe the next lockbox will have one.

I know I ran two Romulan missions and two STFs and that's all I needed to do my 4 projects. So I'm ignoring them for the next 30+ hrs.

Maybe it will be better for new folks when there are more faction projects but now with only 2 factions Its pretty weak.