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11-15-2012, 01:54 AM
Originally Posted by rumblep View Post
actually yes in point of fact I have

and this can be found
okay excuse my language but WTF is that **** lol

yes yes I understand it technically wise but a little harmless 64x64 pixel graphics is causing all this **** lol

so I've been sitting here staring at a 64x64 pixel square banging my head trying ti figure out wtf that might be. Unfortunately I think I've got it figured.

They did some pretty extensive changes with the gui (graphical user interface aka hud) for season 7. The only two things on the main hud that are that size are 1) the combadge icon for the chat window and 2) the player head graphic for the status display. Doesn't mean there aren't other just those are the two that instantly come to mind that you'd all have in common at the same time.

Unfortunately if it's a GUI error which it seems to be only suggestion (unless someone has tried it) would be try to force verify the files or if you're system has it try forcing the game into dx11 mode.

Sorry guys wish I could be more help, but with this type of error it really is something the devs have to work on. Although if anyone tried the forced dx11 and it works or doesn't please let everyone know.