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11-15-2012, 01:58 AM
If you are only doing omega :

1 elite stf gives you 90 marks or 3 x project gate resources.

So that's 30 minutes for 1 week of reputation worth of time.

On the other hand they could have set the price for each project crazily high, at least they removed dilithium
It could have been a lot worse but I also so of feel prior to season 7 I could put in the work when I wanted to.
I never had a game tell me "you can't play right now" and I can't adjust my recreational time to fit their gates.

So my solution is most importantly to not consider the reputation system part of the actual gameplay but let it hang like a sideproject. While second I work on other stuffs like building zen for c-store items or helping out with the fleet.

Way I see the gates is a way to prolong content so we don't burn through it over a weekend fitted to suit the casuals.
If you play just 30-40 minutes you have omega marks for a week or two - then of course you can always just buy dil for zen for the actual items to keep up.

Ultimately it comes down if people are happy with it or not, I mean I've seen little talk about the actual items, are people looking forward to any of the unlocks ?