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11-15-2012, 02:13 AM
I wish Cryptic hadn't given in to all the complainers...

This change is a HUGE nerf to dil earning capabilties...
The changes that came with S7 merely shifted dil farming from STFs to fleet actions. STFs rewarding omega marks and BNPs was enough for me, both can be turned in for dil (though marks only at T5 rep). Yes, i preferred getting some tangible loot at the end of the STF, but some regular gear would have been sufficient..
Except for the removing of B'Tran (which was a double reward) and restrictions put on Investigate Officer Reports (which was exploited), both of which I understood, the amount of dil you could earn per hour was maintained in the S7 release, maybe even increased. With S7 it is possible to earn the same amount of dilithium in the same amount of time invested in the game (not counting foundry one-click/b'tran)..

With this change however, we will only be able to earn a little over half of what we were able to earn in the same amount of time before this patch, that includes both in S7 and pre-S7..
This change once again favors STFs for earning dil over any other missions since they will award the most dil in addition to BNPs and marks which can also be converted to dil.. so far the incentive for playing FAs..

so yes we get a dil reward for stfs... but at what cost..?