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While you may participate in PVP, and you may be able to simpithize with the fact that PVP in Star Trek Online has recived such low amounts of attention, it is still almost insulting for you to say that the Development team of Star Trek Online knows of our plight, and are making plans to work on PVP every season, however they then have nothing to come foward in each season to give PVP that "jolt" it needs to breath back life into it again.

I think the biggest most overlooked thing that Cryptic has failed to realize, from my point of view, is PVPers would be happy if a new map or two to was released. And not just on the Ground, but space as well.

And if you and borticus, and the rest of Cryptic know that PVP is in such dire straights, what is taking so god damned long to give us even one scrap of content to play with? PVE is all fine and dandy (when it promotes playing Star Trek Online) but the lack of PVP in Star Trek Online for what's coming up on 3 years is not just insulting, it's disgusting and makes the game unsatisfying.

To give a really great example.. Imagine if World of ******** their only PVP was allowing players to challange one another randomly. And to top it off, there was no Gear except for PVE.. Would you want to PVP in that? I know I wouldn't. And then imagine if the game's skills weren't balanced for that only PVP.. Same for the gear. You'd have basically what we have here.

Perhaps instead of telling us "we're working on PVP.. it'll be awesome in the next season" every season.. why not do something that would also make PVPers happy..

Give PVP Map creation control.. to the Foundry. Let foundry Authors create the next best PVP Map.

Now I'm not saying this would solve all of Cryptic's problems, but from how I see it, giving the Players the ability to make their own PVP areas to play in, even if it's simply either a cap and hold map, or an Arena, but with a different design it would be a fun way to PvP and maybe even get more people to become Foundry Authors.

The next step would be to do a Skill/Powers/Weapons Balance pass. Not only that, but perhaps making a set of internal rules for our current Level cap on what constitutes as OP concerning Gear, Ship/Kit combinations, and Skill/Boff/Doff/Item/Other power interactions. Because as it stands now, it's becoming down right silly crazy with how things get released and how "Over Powered" some parts of the game become when they get released. (Looking at you Lockbox Ships)

With a healthy Supply of PVP maps, and a well balanced system in place, New map Styles, and new ways to PVP could finally be released. Such as Fleet vs Fleet via Star Bases. A True War for the Klingon Empire and the Federation involving multiple Star Systems not just the Neutral zone.

I honestly think that STO could take a page from WoW's book and let Earth and the Klingon Homeworld be Staging areas for Raiding Parties to come in and "take over" for a short while. Where the Players could be called into help the NPCs defend Quo'nos or Earth.

So there you have it. Yet more suggestions to mull around in the Development heads during the current en masse heiatus currently going on with mutiple players moving over to other games while you finally get things in gear for PVP. Because 3 years is a long enough wait. And instead of Claiming to know about the problem, do something about it for a change. Other wise, from my experience, you can expect more of the same that you'd have to moderate and deal with.

And if this isn't good enough suggestions, comments, or Ideas, then I honestly have no further Idea on what else could be said or done to actually get the development of Star Trek Online PVP in gear.

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