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11-15-2012, 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by xbalanke View Post
This change once again favors STFs for earning dil over any other missions since they will award the most dil in addition to BNPs and marks which can also be converted to dil.. so far the incentive for playing FAs..

so yes we get a dil reward for stfs... but at what cost..?
Why do you want dilithium? To get equipement. Currently, you can also get equipement for ECs, including ships, and al you get from the exchange is now highly competitive, even for STFs, with the changes made on the [borg] proc. It's still Mk XI equipement but considering how easy STFs are, you could play them with Mk X white gear anyway.

So fleet actions are competitive. It's just not about dil, and now purple Mk XI stuff will be much cheaper, and will make dil optional if you're not a fanatic collector or completionist (but if it's the case the game shouldn't be based on your preference anyway). The loot you get from fleet actions are great, it's not dil but you don't need dil with those.