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The new vesta ship looks very good. However it is far too expensive to buy.
Do the devs think we all are loaded with lots of money? No we are not.
Please review the price of this ship and make it more affordable.

On a separate note,the projects are extortiately expensive especially in dilithium.
We do not all have pots of money to spend on this game.
If you keep pushing prices up,you will lose players.
I do understand that cryptic/pw is a business and you have to make money,but please understand we are not all rich and can afford anything you put into this game.
Prices on everything including resources on all projects needs to come right down,so us ordinary people can afford it.
In conclusion,keep putting prices up and you will lose players.
Get prices on all things and all projects right down,and that will attract more new players to STO.
Please help us have more fun,and do not penalise us.