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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Except, this is not being done. I had to remove a thread asking about a new map and new skill introduced in MWO. I know what's going on here, guys

PWE wants our games to have the best PvP experience possible, as does Cryptic. We all want PvP to be fun and exciting. You've seen Borticus in this forum talking about changes and working on balance, you've seen my interest in the Boot Camp, and there are discussions happening behind the scenes with devs who don't post on the forums.

But, the actions in these forums actually make people not want to your comments and then your suggestions and feedback won't be seen. So please keep things STO related -- it will be better for PvP in the long run. If there is a mechanic that works great in another game that you would like to see come to STO, that's valid feedback and welcome (as long as the thread is created as a "hey, this would be cool for STO"). But asking for spec help or map help in another game is not welcome.


Brandon =/\=
this line just doesn't cut it anymore, everytime you repeat it, you only infuriate those of us who have been here since long before F2P wanting to pew. You care so friggin much about PvP that you, despite 1.5 years of feedback on FA, still don't reward teamwork in PvE! you have a trinity game, and you punish non tac/scorts twice in your PvE. So let me repeat once more:

Not single thing has happened for pvp in three years, we even lost a whole game mode (space assault, and now private queues, you're welcome). no matter how much you tell us the DEVs care, its blatantly obvious that they don't. FM for pvp nope, Omega marks for Kerrat, nope. ....THe only thing their mulling in their heads, is what OP broken console to release next to make ensure PvP keep going down the sink. They are pretty good at that, kudos where they are due.

THe tone of these forums has nothing to do with the current state of the game that is 100% the result of cryptics neglect. If it weren't for STOked voldemort would still be around. We have submitted bug reports, repro steps, and received forum banns for discussing voldmort 6 MONTHS!!! before a certain dev went on STOKed and was completely taken by suprise, about what was happening.

It never was, and never will be the "tone" of these forums that turns STO pvp into the stinking pile it is in. This forum has produce more high quaity feedback on the mechanics of the game, then any other part, jsut to be ignored time and time again. Bort admitting that something is OP, but going live anyway, is not doing squad. Except for just that, a Dev admiting the blatantly obvious.

so please, I'm sick of listening to this but the recent turn to blame the community is just adding insult to this.

While it is clear that a balance pass that takes premade action into account, is beyond the capabilities of crytpic, I really don't see how repeated insults "warzone" and attack on the community are helping at all.

Oh but please provide feedback from tirbble, our own QnA after all doesn't know what its doing. Do you want our testing feedback or not, if we are to rude why even ask.
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