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Originally Posted by adon333 View Post
Dont with S7 you can not only have Klingons.. Race, pets, consoles, Carriers, Orions.. batleths... and even Klingon warrior sash's, now you also can get there armor, shields and gear... in space AND for ground! Yay!

Coming soon- battle cloaks, bikinis, all Klingon ships, and a federation copy of Qonos just so you all can finally see what you are missing and not miss out on that anymore too.
feds should be ashamed of drooling for our stuff even though they have more options than we have. Their fraction is full of crybabies.

I am going to Sirus Sector and I will execute a few humans after making an announcement.

Death to Federation and Long Live Klingon Empire!
Grinding for MkIV epic gear?
Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

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