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We all now how annoying can be, if we start an elite STF, and see a newbie, whose don't have any decent gear, and don't know what to do on that map either... (infeted space generator-boomers, etc). I don't say it's a problem to be a beginner, we all started as beginners and made mistakes. I say, the problem is, when a beginner takes the challange of elite when he's/she's clearly not ready, this way ruining the other four guy's and his/her own run.
Some of our fleet members came out with a great idea to solve this problem:
Make Omega tier and/or gear requirements for STFs, not only level requirements!

Some configurations of this idea:
-no elite STFs until omega tier 2/3
-you can only run a specific elite STF after you finished it x (5...10) times in normal difficulty (so that one can learn the map properly before starting it on elite)
-no ground elite STF without at least MK X MACO/HG/Omega set (or ground and space both, but i think ground set is more important because of the integral modulator)
(-no STFs at all, until reaching omega tier1)

This way, maybe there would be a bit less elite STF player at a time, but the playerbase would be better "trained", better geared, and the chance of success with a full random team would be much better.

What's your opinion about this idea?