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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
New ship, new "OMG TOO SPENSIVE" thread.

Look at it this way:

STO is free to play. The effective cost to play, not counting time and internet bills or other stuff, is $0. For an F2P game, STO is surprisingly generous, and PVP aside, is quite well-balanced. Case in point: the prison-grade restrictions imposed on free players in The Old Republic (INCLUDING artificially slowed XP gain). So there's that.

If YOU owned your own MMO or Star Trek singleplayer game (which would make your cost-to-play $0), one that had as much content as STO does now, ask yourself how much it would cost YOU to hire a programmers, artists, and other developers to design, model, program, and implement a 3 versions of the Vesta in your game.

Sure as hell it would cost MORE than fifty dollars (or 25 dollars).

From that perspective, it's practically a steal!

Plus, compared to the Odyssey pack you get a lot more value, with effectively 3 ship skins, and TWO set bonuses if you have all 3 consoles equipped.

Long story short: YES, it's expensive but NO, it's not "overpriced".
Not defending either side of this thread, just read it and like to supply my 2 cents of stating it costs $0 to mod ships into a game, case and point:

And there's umpteen other sites for SFC, Armada, BC, etc etc etc.