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11-15-2012, 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by manwholaughs View Post
I gave up trying to backup topics such as this because it seems the STO community is fine with the insanely priced virtual items for sale in the Z-Store.

I'll post the same example I posted back when the Odyssey bundle was released:
For three virtual items, it costs about the same price as a newly released game (unless it's an independent game, then you could perhaps get two or three games for that price). I don't care who you are, that is just loopy, especially after paying for gold or a lifetime subscription.

I mean you only have to think about it for a second to realise how deranged prices are for crumbs of additional content.

charging non subcribers for that content seems fair, that would actually make sense, but for people who are shelling out an already borderlining price to play the game is insulting.

Then there's lock boxes... Mhm I am not even going to waste my time explaining these because it's just that painfully insulting.

I guess the only reason I posted this today is because it just hurts to see such wasted potential get whored out.
These ships aren't made from thin air. Many man-hours are put into these three ships, man-hours that cost money.

Artists, programmers and of course CBS and Mr Rademaker all cost money.

I think the price is right considering its account wide, some other games its per character.