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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
And here is another perspective

All games older than about a year or two costs 50 $ or less ! STO is from 2010...

If each ship is worth 25 $ how much should the game cost if we say 3 ships x 4 tiers x 2 factions ?

24 x 25 dollars ?

Hats off to you if you feel paying the price of a full game for one pity little item is you making a bargin
Tell me about it, I mean it just hurts when I see people defend these prices.

Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
Mods like that are made by people on their free time for their own reasons, but STO and the Dev's need to get paid and keep the servers going. which is why every game compnay most of the time sells Downloadable content.

No one needs the Vesta or any other ship....they just want it.
Originally Posted by temp3rus View Post
These ships aren't made from thin air. Many man-hours are put into these three ships, man-hours that cost money.

Artists, programmers and of course CBS and Mr Rademaker all cost money.

I think the price is right considering its account wide, some other games its per character.
Money which they are making from subscribers... It doesn't cost the price of a new game to make three virtual items in an already released game.

Whatever, if you don't get it then you don't get it.

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