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# 5 about fondry
11-15-2012, 05:01 AM
it is not possible to make social zone missions for that you have a 5 people limit on a map (and the mission dosn't work properly when you 'r in a group ).

For my Roleplay french fleet, i did several missions especially recrutment missions : you're a cadet you're leaving the academy for you first assigment, you get to ds9, try to find your way to the affectation room, then get to the ship in orbit.
at this point you get in the ship by the shuttle bay and make throught the ship from one deck to another, filling out little missions and then get to the bridge.

like in star trek you're not a ensign captain right away.

what i need to make it better (if it gets back in the tube soon : it would be to add restrictions options to mpa : like only shuttle, ou getting alone in the chosen maps.
i d' like also a way to use starbases as usefull for foundry.