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Originally Posted by manwholaughs View Post
Tell me about it, I mean it just hurts when I see people defend these prices.

Money which they are making from subscribers... It doesn't cost the price of a new game to make three virtual items in an already released game.

Whatever, if you don't get it then you don't get it.
Welcome to the Digital age man...its how things are now...especially the game industry

A console game costs $59 years ago that game came with books pictures and lots of stuff a days that game just comes with the disc, hell they even print the warning labels behind the artwork now, yet the games still cost the same regardless of the costs they managed to cut. Digital games they still sell them at the same price as a psychical copy at release.

If you're going to fight it then you have to fight the WHOLE gaming system the whole industry, you're going to need to go after the big fish if you want change.
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