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11-15-2012, 05:18 AM
Thank you for considering putting dilithium back to STF's.

Me and my 4 friends play this game very often in the night hours, socialising.
We would like ot thank you for NEW ROMULUS, the content, new planet and systems.
The game is growing and thatis how it should be.
I think I represent big group that likes the new content, but their expressions were probably coulded by the rage that arose after the dilithium cut.
I hope more people will realize that and express their opinion on the new content as well.

Looking forward to more content and any other FUN oriented changes.

We played yesterday Hive Onslaught Elite. I don't remember when I died so often, or when it took us over 45min to do STF. But the amount of fun I had with my friends was unbelievable.
Finaly is the ENDGAME an ENDGAME. Not soloing a tactical cube. We had to actualy fly around, retreat, attack etc.
That is how it should be I think.

I repeat what i said in your blog.... People should realize the difference how much play time they can have compared to store bought games played on consoles....
Show me 1 person who playes for example CoD for 3 years.....

Noxline, Laura Kinney, Alexejevna Grobari, Artagain Werlon, Meggie and friends from fleet TaskForce 77

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