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11-15-2012, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by temp3rus View Post
These ships aren't made from thin air. Many man-hours are put into these three ships, man-hours that cost money.

Artists, programmers and of course CBS and Mr Rademaker all cost money.

I think the price is right considering its account wide, some other games its per character.
F2P games need to get money too. I can live the store and crunch out every month 10$ for zen. But I still think that the Store ships costs to much. 10$ for a ship would be more reasonable.

At least I would buy every month a new ship xD But with these prices I have over 2500Zen since early october and still didn't got a new one because I can't decide myself :-P I have 3 toons, I don't want to fly with everyone the same ship and 2500Zen are to much money just to blow them for fun xD